What We Have To Offer

Our team of respected public relations and acclaimed video production professionals brings powerful results through high caliber PR and Video to every one of our business and non-profits, and always under the direction and counsel of President and CEO Bill Powers. Our results speak for themselves. Check out our portfolio of work.
‎Media Relations

Whether you use our services for a one-time event or wish to have us on retainer, Powers PR Video is uniquely qualified and strategically positioned to give you optimum counsel across all media platforms. We can help manage your interaction in the ever-changing media market and maximize social and mainstream media opportunities.

Video Production

Powers PR Video offers a complete line of video production services with a nationally recognized staff of television production professionals—producers, writers, videographers, editors, voice over artists, and on-air talent. Best of all, your video can now be used across all media platforms!

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Public Relations

Powers PR Video offers a comprehensive suite of public relations services. Never had a PR audit? Now’s the time. We will perform a complete analysis of your past PR efforts to see if they are working and make recommendation for improvement, or give you a gold star if your plan is working.


Powers PR Video President and CEO Bill Powers recommends all senior business and non-profit executives who speak in public receive media training. Proper messaging contributes to success whether you are selling hamburgers like business giant McDonalds or promoting cancer awareness like the non-profit giant American Cancer Society.

What Others Say

I highly recommend Bill Powers to anyone who needs quality assistance in marketing their organization or company.
Cathy Montaldo, Executive Director, Peekskill Celebration
Having a vast wealth of knowledge & experience, Bill makes working in the field or the edit bay a breeze–thanks to his confidence in his craft and his ability to make his vision the end result. Having Bill on your team is a no-brainer.
Doug Nash Jr., Emmy Nominated Videographer and Editor
As a journalist, Bill Powers comes to PR with a unique and essential skill set. He is able to craft and pitch a story that radio, print and multimedia news journalists are compelled to report.
Sue Guzman, WHUD Radio News Reporter/Former Daily Voice Managing Editor
Bill assisted Peekskill Celebration to gain more media attention in the past 5 years than ever before. His easy going nature makes him a pleasure to work with.
Cathy Montaldo, Executive Director, Peekskill Celebration
Bill’s vast media experience offers clients effective counsel while integrating a creative vision with excellent results.
Victoria Rodriguez Minowitz, Public Relations Consultant
Bill is calm and level headed in times of crisis and comes without the drama many lesser experienced firms exhibit.
Sue Guzman, WHUD Radio News Reporter/Former Daily Voice Managing Editor
I worked with Bill on a number of different projects and really had a blast doing so. He is professional, respectful, and an excellent team player.
Matt Dunne, Video Editor/Motion Graphics Artist